January 2016

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  Board of Governors

President………….…………..…Jim Wasilak          Treasurer………...…....Mary Ellen Fishler
First Vice President…….….…..Patricia Brink        Member-at-Large….……..Sandy Marshall
Second Vice President….……. Judy Cooksey       Member-at-Large………...Donald Adams
Recording Secretary……Claudette Boudreaux       Member-at- Large…………Mary Watson
Corresponding Secretary……...Kathy Hinkley 
14916 Hydrus Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20906,
            Phone 301-598-0306, khkaylee@verizon.net

Webmaster……………………..Julia Swartz         Website:   www.washingtonpoodleclub.org




Our Next Meeting

Our next meeting will be held on Sunday, February 7, 2016 at the Golden Bull in Gaithersburg, MD at 1:00 pm.  Please try to join us as we look ahead to our Spring Specialty in April.  As you know we are planning to hold back-to-back Specialties so additional planning, trophies, assistance, etc., will be needed.


President’s Message to the Membership

President's Message

As we jump into the New Year, I wanted to thank everyone for coming to the Holiday Dinner. It was a great amount of fun this year, and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves. We certainly had some outstanding poodles in the ring this year, and it is always a pleasure to celebrate them.

I think we did very well at the auction. Thanks to Julia and David for running it. They broke new ground with their creative auction paddles, and establishing base prices on items up for bid moved the auction quickly and brought in additional moneys.  Thanks to all who supported it with their contributions and participation?

And once again, thanks to Mary Ellen and Pat for bringing it all together. I look forward to an even better 2016 for all of us!

Yours in poodles, Jim

PCA Judges Nominations for 2018

We will be sending in our ballot to PCA with the Judges Nominations shortly.  An email was sent to the group asking for recommendations.  The final sealed ballot is due into PCA by January 30.

Newsletter Delivery by Email

At the Christmas Dinner, several members took advantage of the opportunity to sign up for email delivery of Poodle Clips and other club communications.  This edition of Poodle Clips is the first one where emailing will be used.  Please be assured, anyone can opt in or out of emailing at any time. 

Minutes from the Meeting of November 15, 2015

Minutes from the last meeting of November 15, 2015 are published below for review and approval at the upcoming February 7, 2016 meeting.

Washington Poodle Club Minutes
Meeting of November 15, 2015
The Golden Bull Restaurant,  Gaithersburg, MD.

The meeting was called to order by President Jim Wasilak at 1:45 p.m.  In attendance were: Jim Wasilak, Paul Redding, Pat Brink, Mary Ellen Fishler, Sandy Marshall, Judy Cooksey, Don Adams, Mary Watkins, Julia Swartz, Adele Kirk, Nina Selvaggi, and Kathy Hinkley.

Meeting Minutes from September 27, 2015
The minutes from the previous meeting of September 27, 2015 were approved by the group.

Treasurer’s Report
Mary Ellen Fishler gave the group a report on the finances from our recent October Specialty.  We took in $1,112.21 and, after paying for the venue, AKC fees and other expenses, we realized a profit of $129.31.  This will be reduced another $63 for lunches for judges and a guest, leaving us with $66.31.

Spring Specialty Planning
Julia Swartz asked about the costs we will incur next April in light of our plan to hold back-to-back shows. Mary Ellen Fishler reported that she has the judges lined up at no cost to the club!  Also, the venue is rented for the entire day so there are no additional fees for that. We will need more trophies, and of course, some manpower for set-ups, etc.

Website Updates
Discussion then turned to the Washington Poodle Club website which Julia Swartz had recently updated. She asked if the Honors List for breeders should contain names of members who have passed away.  It was decided to move them from the Honors List to an “In Memoriam” list.

Julia reminded the group to advise her of any changes to the breeder information as this table is a major revision.   She will be doing major revisions only twice a year as these incur a cost.  Minor changes can be made without cost.  Please check the current list on the website for the specific information needed for inclusion.  Also she will be posting only the most recent set of minutes as our website is not an archive. 

Christmas Banquet and Auction, December 6, 2015
Our Auctioneer at this year’s event will be Julia Swartz with some help from her husband, Dave.  At the previous meeting we had a discussion on possible changes to the auction format which might bring in additional funds to the Club. This topic was picked up again and it was decided we will each establish a minimum bid for our items.  Should an item receive no bids, it will automatically be used at the Raffle Table for the April show. 

Mary Ellen suggested getting some numbered auction paddles to give out to the attendees and Julia said she would take care of this. The group decided we will need to continue discussion on how to improve the auction but it’s too late to do it for this year’s event.

Awards Celebration at Christmas Dinner
Mary Watson reminded the group to get their  champion pictures to her for the Christmas Awards.

Communications Survey Form
Kathy Hinkley drafted a form to give out at the Christmas event which will ask attendees to choose email delivery or mail delivery for the Club Newsletter, etc. 

The meeting concluded at 2:41 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Kathy Hinkley, Corresponding Secretary