The Washington Poodle Club is dedicated to helping poodles and educating potential and current poodle owners about this wonderful breed.  Through our parent organization, the Poodle Club of America, and local poodle and all breed rescue networks, we help to assist rescue poodles find their forever homes.

Why do dogs end up in rescue?

There are several reasons why poodles find themselves in rescue.  Poor placement, health issues, temperament issues, neglect and abuse--and people who did not expect the time and work involved with responsible dog ownership.  Other people have to surrender their loved pets because of unfortunate life circumstances and know that a responsible rescue group will find a wonderful home for their pet.

Is a poodle rescue for you?

Many people purchase a poodle because of their reputation for being beautiful, clean and smart---all of which are absolutely true!  However, many new poodle owners do not realize that it requires a fair amount of time and expense to keep their poodle clean and beautiful!  Poodles are still dogs and need to be trained.  They are dogs who after a good rain, will dig a big hole in the yard just for fun.  AND poodles are smart!  They are so smart that if they are neglected, treated poorly, abused, under stimulated or frustrated by inconsistency, they can act out.

Before considering any dog, you should know the individual attributes and needs of that particular breed and see if it is a good match for you and all members of your household.  Please take the time to learn about this breed.  Good poodle information can be found at the website of the Poodle Club of America. (www.poodleclubofamerica.org)

Rescue poodles come in all colors, sizes, ages and temperaments.  If a poodle seems to fit your ideal dog description, please call or email our rescue contacts below.

Rescued Poodles...how do they adjust in their new homes?

Poodles are so incredibly smart and resilient! They learn to trust again, quickly become housebroken at any age, and reach the perfect poodle potential that they were born for! 

If you want to give a poodle a second chance at a great life, please contact us!

Thank you!

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